Using Ultrasound to Help Speech Impediments

 (Science Daily)

Last month, Jonathan Rothberg’s startup Butterfly Network unveiled the iQ, a cheap, handheld ultrasound tool that plugs right into an iPhone’s lightning jack ...  (Read More)

All health care providers strive to enhance patient safety programs, promote successful outcomes and cut liability insurance costs. How can provider organizations reach the highest professional level -- and be recognized for that achievement?  (Read More)

USC has expanded its headquarters in a move that sets the stage for future growth at the company. Ultrasound Solutions Corp. has expanded its corporate headquarters in a move that sets the stage for future growth at the company.  (Read More)

Artificial Intelligence Is Putting Ultrasound on Your Phone

Being the ‘Best of the Best’ … And Having the Accreditation/Certification to Prove It

All health care providers want to make a difference in patients’ lives and do everything they can to produce successful outcomes. One way to demonstrate leadership in this regard is through professional accreditation and certification.  (Read More)

Ultrasound is more than sound. Obstetricians use it to peer inside a woman's uterus and observe a growing baby. Surgeons use powerful beams of ultrasound to destroy cancer cells. Researchers fire ultrasound into materials to test their properties. But these high-frequency acoustic waves can do even more.  (Read more)

Section 179 Mean Big Savings on Ultrasound Equipment Purchases

New Tech: Controlling Ultrasound With 3-D Printers  (Science Daily)

Extend the Life of Your Ultrasound Equipment

If you are thinking of buying a new or refurbished ultrasound system, consider the savings you can realize as a result of Section 179.

2016 Deduction Limit - $500,000

2016 Spending Cap - $2 Million

Bonus Depreciation - 50%

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Using ultrasound technology to visualize the tongue's shape and movement can help children with difficulty pronouncing "R" sounds, according to a small study by NYU's Steinhardt School of  Culture, Education and Human Development and Montclair University. (Read more)

Sharper Imaging for Bone or Metal (Science Daily)

If the cost of a new ultrasound system has been a barrier for your practice, then now is the time for you to get in touch with Ultrasound Solutions Corp (USC) for a look at options that will fit your budget and most certainly your imaging expectations ...  (Read More)

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a technique that allows ultrasound to penetrate bone or metal, using customized structures that offset the distortion usually caused by these so-called "aberrating layers."  (Read more)

Best Healthcare Jobs: Medical Diagnostic Sonographer (US News & World Report)

Although hospitals are the biggest employers of diagnostic medical sonographers, employment should grow rapidly in physicians’ offices and medical and diagnostic laboratories. (Read more)

Going for the Gold: Achieving The Joint Commission Seal of Approval

Ultrasound equipment is sophisticated, and thus expensive. Extending its life makes sense ...  (Read More)

Need to Replace or Upgrade Your Ultrasound Equipment?

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Sound Advice for Preventive Maintenance Program

Ultrasound Solutions Corp. Ultrasound System Repairs

Rising healthcare costs and lower reimbursement rates are painful realities among medical imaging practices today where just about every staff member is pressured to do more with less. (Read more)