New Ultrasound Equipment FAQs​

Yes, we are pleased to offer new ultrasound Equipment & Machine systems for sale from OEM partners like Alpinion Medical Systems.

We use Alpinion units for incredible 3D and 4D ultrasounds. We find the value is much better when compared to older competitor models. Our experienced ultrasound sales consultants can help you choose the best system to meet your 4D ultrasound needs. Contact us here.

Yes, we do offer financing on new and refurbished ultrasound equipment & Machine systems.

There is a restock fee applied to any order placed and canceled. Our ultrasound sales consultants can provide specific information on USC’s order cancellation, refund, and privacy policies.

Used Ultrasound Equipment FAQs

Second hand or used ultrasound equipment & machine means the system or parts are not brand new from an OEM.

Make sure to have the make and model of your ultrasound machine system on hand whenever you are looking to purchase any ultrasound equipment & replacement parts.

We are the company OEMs partner with. We are a totally customer-centric company. Ultrasound Solutions Corp. guarantees all used ultrasound equipment that is sold from our warehouse. Everything is tested and inspected before being shipped out to customers.

Ultrasound Probe Repair FAQs

Our expert ultrasound probe repair technicians will evaluate and assess your ultrasound probe to determine if it can be repaired before purchasing a replacement probe.

USC offers an affordable flat rate fee for most probe repair cases. Please reach out to our service team to set up an evaluation or speak to a customer service rep.

Preventative Ultrasound Maintenance FAQs

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance can identify a small problem before it becomes a major issue. It can help head off any major issues and keep your system running at peak efficiency for a longer period of time. Preventive Maintenance is also necessary to be in compliance with Accreditation & Joint Commission guidelines.

Our team of ultrasound technicians is factory-trained by OEM partners and is experienced on all major ultrasound brands and systems. Our Preventive Maintenance procedure contains a thorough 26-point checklist.

Ensure that Ultrasound machinery is clear of debris, before and after every shift. Wipe machine surfaces of lubricant, dirt, and other loose debris each day. Regularly inspect tools for the sharpness of the Ultrasound machine. Check for and replace worn or damaged tools. Routinely check all Ultrasound machinery and replace as needed.

Continuing Education and Applications FAQs

Yes, due to COVID-19, USC has transitioned all of our CME workshops into virtual events. You can sign up to be notified of our newest events here.

We offer focused events in MSK, ECHO, Vascular, OB/GYN & MFM, and more! We can also custom tailor a CME program to suit your needs.

Computed Tomography (CT) FAQs

If your clinic needs a CT scan machine, you may be wondering which model would be best. That depends on your practice’s needs. Some of the CT scanners we recommend include:

  • iCRco Claris XT
  • PlanMed Verity

We offer a few different makes and models of new CT scanners. One of them is sure to be the perfect choice for your clients or patients.

To learn more and find a CT scan machine for sale that fits your needs, contact Ultrasound Solutions Corp. today!

Not sure where to start when choosing a CT scan machine for your practice? Here are a few tips:

What is Your Budget?

CT scanners can be expensive, but the investment does not have to be unreasonable. Choose a used or refurbished machine to save money and still provide patients with needed services.

Purchase Through a Reputable Retailer

Where should you look for a CT scan machine for sale? There may be many providers, but a reputable retailer will ultimately save you time, money, and stress.

At Ultrasound Solutions Corp., we provide excellent quality at affordable prices – so you can continue to care for your patients at the level that they expect from you. Give us a call today to learn more!

If you are browsing listings for a CT scan machine for sale, you are probably wondering what kind of budget you need to have in place for this investment. Obviously, a CT scanner is an expensive device, but how you buy it can greatly impact its cost.

Buying new CT scanners can cost as much as $2.5 million. Smaller machines can be purchased for around $1 million or less, while larger machines that offer more features cost more than $3 million each.

Want to save on your scanner? Consider purchasing a used or refurbished scanner, which will cost significantly less. You may be able to buy a fully featured machine for as little as $65-$75 thousand. This will help you offer more services to clients without breaking the bank!

You want to make a smart investment when you find a CT scan machine for sale – but what should you be looking for? Consider these factors:

What Do You Need from a Machine?

Check with your machine salesperson or manufacturer to ensure that the machine you are considering will meet your practice and patients’ needs.

Are You on a Budget?

If you are counting your coins, you may want to consider a used or refurbished machine. These CT Scanners are perfectly functional but may cost up to 80% less than their new counterparts. Ask about refurbished options when browsing options.

There are many diverse types of CT scanners available. However, the latest CT scan machine for sale is the Claris XT. This cone-beam CT is focused on minimizing patient x-ray dose while maintaining exquisite image quality. The result is a low-dose CT machine that delivers an easy-to-use interface and high patient throughput, along with performing advanced cardiac imaging, and a wide variety of post-processing and diagnostic operations. All of this at an affordable price point, amazing, isn’t it?

C-Arm X-Ray Machines & Equipment FAQs

Do you offer the following services in your practice?

  • Surgery, including minor operations
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • Fluoroscopic guided injections
  • Outpatient services

If you provide any of these services, your practice could benefit from mobile C-Arm machines.

For more information – including pricing – contact the industry leaders in C-Arms at Ultrasound Solutions Corp.

Are you considering a C-Arm machine for your practice?

Whether you choose from fixed C-Arm systems, mobile C-Arms, or mini C-arms depends on the needs of your practice and patients and your budget.

Mobile C-Arms start at a few thousand dollars, but top-of-the-line equipment can run to over a million dollars. The good news is that we have a wide range of equipment suitable for all needs and can help you get the best imaging solution for your practice.

Need more information? Talk to us at Ultrasound Solutions Corp.

The C-Arm consists of an X-Ray tube, X-Ray detector, and an X-Ray image intensifier or flat-panel detector. The machine converts X-Rays into real-time images, enabling surgeons to make decisions accordingly. Additionally, it is non-invasive and safe during and after screening procedures.

There are two types of C-Arms: the full-size C-Arms comprising the Oscar 15 and Oscar Classic, and the mini C-Arm, the Orthoscan Mobile DI. USC Ultrasound offers these user-friendly C-Arms at affordable prices.

The C-Arm X-ray machine is vital for conducting some types of surgery and orthopedic procedures. It can be a valuable addition to your practice, whether you are already providing these services to patients or not.

However, the cost is always a factor – and these machines are an investment. Initial costs vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Software used
  • Age of the unit
  • Operating system

A new system can cost over $80,000, while used machines typically cost closer to $10,000 and up. You can find a machine for around $25,000 that will last for years and meet most patient needs.

For pricing information and how to choose the best unit for your needs, call us at Ultrasound Solutions Corp.