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3D Imaging Systems for Veterinarians

Ultrasound Solutions Corp. is pleased to now be a distributor of the XORAN 3D imaging systems for veterinarians.  We can help you make the transition from 2D to 3D imaging simply and affordably.  Xoran’s 3D CT systems allow you to see the entirety  of your patient’s anatomy from all angles, exposing pathologies that may be hidden in standard 2D X-Rays. Traditional 2D X-Ray projections provide limited data.

Features of the XORAN 3D veterinary imaging systems

Here are some features of the XORAN vetCAT, vetCAT IQ and the vTRON imaging systems –

  • Ultra-high resolution 70 microns – industry best
  • No dedicated romm needed!  The vetCAT and the vTRON roll through a standard door.
  • Easy to use systems
  • Eliminate the need to outsource CT
  • Minimize delays in diagnosis and treatment
  • Reduce risks from multiple anesthesia
  • Revenue producer for your veterinary practice
  • Ease the stress on the patient and the owner
  • All the imaging you need at your fingertips for companion animals.

The vetCAT line are 3D head CT systems and are perfect for Dentistry, Dermatology, Exotics and Birds, Opthalmology and Surgery.  Both systems offer an easy and fast workflow.  Simply roll vTRON or vetCAT directly to the paitient and complete a 20-40 second scan.  Images are ready right away.  Review the 3D CT images and plan your treatment.  It’s that easy!  

Veterinary 3D CT

Be the best veterinarian that you can be with the right 3D imaging tools.  Learn how the XORAN systems can increase revenue in your practice and also talk about affordability options.  Our sales reps are available to go over return on investment features with you and answer any questions.  Talk to a sales rep today 1-800-773-4582 or email us today!