ultrasound for COVID-19

Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis

According to preliminary reports, lung ultrasound can be used to effectively identify patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. Point-of-care ultrasound, which refers to the use of portable ultrasonography, gives medical professionals the opportunity to scan possible patients in separate triage areas. Investigators in Italy, led by Erika Poggiali, M.D., from Ospedale Guglielmo da Saliceto, evaluated whether lung ultrasound could be an effective tool in also identifying patients who have pneumonia specifically associated with the virus. Those results were published in a Letter to the Editor in Radiology.

Alpinion Medical Systems, the innovative and recognized ultrasound brand, has put together scanning protocols featuring their robust, affordable portable ultrasound machines, the E-Cube i8 & i9 and the Minisono.

Click here for Lung Ultrasound For COVID-19 Diagnosis using the Alpinion E-Cube i8 & i9

Click here for Lung Ultrasound For COVID-19 Diagnosis using the Alpinion Minisono

Benefits of using ultrasound for COVID-19 diagnosis

  • Unlike X-ray or CT, there will be no radiation exposure.
  • There is no space limitation since patients can immediately be scanned at their bedside or make-shift triage areas.
  • A speedy and timely diagnosis from imaging to reading.
  • When managing infected patients, the patient’s progress can be easily checked through a repeated exam.

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