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Ultrasound Solutions Corp. Now Offering CME Seminars and Workshops

Ultrasound Solutions Corp. is excited to now offer CME seminars and workshops to our valued customers in our centrally located Ronkonkoma headquarters!

Our next course, an all-day MSK Hands-on Workshop, will be held on Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 5:15 PM. There will be a combination of lectures and scanning labs conducted by Dr. Nandkumar Rawool. Dr. Rawool brings his nationally recognized expertise from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia right here to Ultrasound Solutions Corp. Sonographic imaging of the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Knee, Ankle, and Foot will all be covered. Since the individual focused hands-on training component will be done in small groups personally supervised by Dr. Rawool, enrollment must be limited to the first 12 people who complete the registration and payment process.

This activity has been approved for 6 SDMS CME credits.

Please use this Registration Form to sign up for this event. Registration can be done by phone or mail (see form for details). Since space is extremely limited, please register early to avoid being closed out.

In addition to MSK, future offerings will also include a diverse array of courses covering popular topics in Vascular, OB/Gyn – MFM, General Sonography, Echo, Burn-out Prevention, etc.

Please keep checking our website for ongoing updates and additions to our outstanding schedule of events.

We want to bring you topics and speakers that will be of value to you and your Sonography staff. If there’s something you’d like to learn more about or an area you’d like to improve your scanning skills in, please contact Rosemarie Cann to share ideas for future presentations that will enhance your knowledge and skills. We can even create custom sessions for specific topics to meet your needs!

In the meantime, please register now for our October 5th MSK Hands-on Workshop. Feel free to share this information with your colleagues and help us spread the word.

We look forward to seeing you then!

ultrasound equipment warranty

What’s In a Warranty?

What’s exactly part of your ultrasound equipment warranty?

Do you have a smartphone?  According to the Pew Research Center, over 75% of Americans own a smartphone, and more than 45% will damage their phones within the first 10 weeks of ownership.  It’s a good thing you took the insurance on the phone.  But here’s the real question – did you take the service agreement on your ultrasound machine?  Let’s talk about what’s part of ultrasound equipment warranty.

If your practice has an ultrasound machine, there’s a good chance it’s a consistent source of both patient care, and revenue. At USC, it’s our mission to keep your ultrasound equipment running at peak performance.  And if repairs are needed, you want skilled technicians that know the difference between needing repairs, or needing replacements. You want ultrasound consultants that will steer you in the direction of making long term investments profitable for you, while providing your patients the care they deserve.

In the days of lowering reimbursements and rising manufacturer costs, every practice needs its dollar to stretch as far as possible.  USC does this for their customers through customized service agreements.  Our billable services are already 20-30% less than OEM costs.  However, when we put your needs into an annual service agreement, that’s truly where piece of mind and cost savings marry.

We start with preventative maintenance – why?  Ever hear the expression, “it’s better to be proactive than reactive”?  Or, “it’s easier to prevent a fire than it is to fight one”?  These statements are cliché for a very good reason.  Every person who’s ever been on the telling end of these tales, has found themselves spending way more than their budget intended.  Our 25 point preventative maintenance inspections will not only clean your system inside and out, but will help us to catch an issue in it’s infancy while it’s still repairable, before it becomes a replaceable problem. 

PM’s lead us into ultrasound probe repair.  USC has a probe repair depot for the repairs of lens’ and strain reliefs.  The average replacement probe is between three and five thousand dollars.  However, the most common issues that lead to these replacements are wear and tear on the lens and strain relief.  During our PM’s, we inspect the probes for these issues.  If we find cosmetic damage, we can repair them for a fraction of what a replacement will cost.  This saves you both time and money.

Additionally, we can include all of your travel and labor in one low, convenient payment through our service agreements.  Call us as often as you need within the annual period.  As long as your repairs do not require a replacement, you’ll never pay a dime in travel or labor fees no matter how long the job takes. 

Lastly, on most makes and models we can provide full, comprehensive coverage for true piece of mind.  Our full service packages include loaner equipment in the case of a hard failure, all of your probe repairs, travel, labor and parts.  Have a portable machine that needs service, but you’re out of state?  You can ship your system to us and we’ll perform depot repairs at our facility here in Islandia, NY. 

An extended service agreement with USC can be purchased on its own, or with the purchase of new or refurbished equipment.  Either way, you and your equipment deserve the best service from a plan tailored to your needs and budget.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation!