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The Mark of Excellence

What is the mark of excellence?   

It is a stamp or mark which aims to distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary.  It is a Mark that represents a standard of excellence that is flawless and impeccable.  It’s the embodiment of the fire from within and that which motivates us. A passion for excellence that deeply stirs us and compels us into action. A passion that gives us the ability to be touched, moved and inspired. Passion is at the core of excellence.  At its simplest, our Mark of Excellence guarantees high-quality, uniform standards of service across our organization. 

At Ultrasound Solutions, Service Excellence is at the core of our business philosophy.  Service Excellence means being a Customer Centric organization.  It is a value system, a service culture that permeates the entire organization, and makes the customer the center of everything we do. 

What is the difference between Good Customer Service and Service Excellence? 

Simply stated, good customer service is the extent to which a product or service meets the customer’s needs and expectations.  

Service excellence is when these expectations are surpassed and when customers feel that a company or employee has gone beyond the call – it’s that intangible, unexpected “extra” in the form of a spontaneous, extra feature, experience or delight. 

To embody our culture of Service Excellence and Customer Centricity means: 

  • Greeting you by name  
  • performing a follow-up phone call to ensure you are satisfied with your most recent encounter  
  • it is our knowing what you need before you do  
  • it is being consistent in our actions and communications  
  • providing quick solutions to your issues  
  • actively listening in order to understand your needs  
  • providing you with an exceptional experience when dealing with us  
  • and most importantly understanding that you are a unique and valued customer 

In honor of our 20th year in business, and to rededicate ourselves to the practice of Service Excellence as enshrined in our company culture by our CEO, Nat Romeo – we have released our Mark of Excellence to demonstrate our continued commitment to our customers and our values. 

The Design of our Mark


Wherever you see the USC Mark of Excellence, you will find our guarantee of the highest quality and service excellence.