USC: A Call to Action

The call to action for Ultrasound Solutions Corp. is to fill the dire need for “customer-centric” service. Why is the need dire? What does it mean for our customers?

We are a family oriented company. Take a moment and think about the best customer service you’ve ever received. How did that person make you feel? The best service comes from the people who treat you like family. And in the days of rising manufacturer costs, falling reimbursements and sky rocketing insurance premiums – medical facilities are constantly forced to produce more, with less. So the trend we’re seeing is physicians foregoing paying for anything that doesn’t feel immediately tangible – that being ultrasound maintenance and upkeep.

What if we could change the narrative? What if we would offer a level of service that made every customer, feel like our only customer? What if we could show medical facilities that excellent service, doesn’t have to break the bank? What if we could show physicians that a 24 hour response time doesn’t mean the difference between protecting their investment, and throwing caution to the wind?

USC is positioned to put an end to lost reimbursements, as well as an end to the drudgery of rescheduling a day’s worth of patients. We are the beginning of creating relationships that feel like family, not business deals that feel like a trip to the auto mechanic. Customer-centric means providing field service engineers who communicate on a personal level. It’s a conversation that asks you what YOU need. It means customized service agreements that fit YOUR budget. It’s the expertise of knowing when it’s time to repair, and when it’s time to replace.

The call to action for USC is to provide medical professionals with a consultant for diagnostic ultrasound imaging. The most successful people in the world have confidants they know and trust to make sound decisions with their investments. We are those consultants…we are USC.