OSCAR 15 Flat Panel Detector C-Arm

The OSCAR 15 from Genoray is a digital C-Arm X-ray system. The OSCAR15 features an incredible Flat Panel Detector powered by a 15kW output generator with a modern design and high performance at a very affordable price.

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Oscar 15 Features

  • 260 x 260 mm Full Flat Panel Detector for distortion free imaging
  • 15kW HFG
  • CMOS Type
  • 10.4” Touch LCD Screen Monitor
  • 150° Dynamic Orbital Rotation
  • Free Space 800mm, SID 1,000mm
  • DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
  • 43” LCD Monitor
  • Optional 19” Dual LCD Monitor
  • Dual Foot Witch: Shot/Save, Lift Up/Down
  • Lowering Dosage
  • Structured Dose Report
  • DICOM 3.0, CD/DVD Burner, USB Port
  • Compact & Hybrid Body

Easy to Use C-Arm System

The OSCAR 15 has a user-friendly 10.4” touch screen operation panel that enables two-way communication between doctor and operator by using a live image.

Wide Free Space & Orbital Rotation

The OSCAR 15 features an 800mm free space and 150° orbital rotation that provides a convenient operation environment for the operator.

C-Arm Radiation Safety Low Dose Mode

The Low Dose Mode is a function that sets and manages radiation dose automatically and provides the optimized image by the procedure type and site. Low Dose mode guarantees the safety of patients and medical staff who needs to be exposed by radiation dose for a long time during the procedure.

Angiography Package

DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) helps various clinical diagnosis and procedures through the vessel image information after injecting contrast medium.

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OSCAR 15 Application Software

ZenisTM software provides a total solution for operation, image storage, and management.

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