Smart-C Portable C-Arm

Experience the power of portability with the Smart-C mini C-Arm from Turner Imaging Systems

The Smart-C is a lightweight, full-capability mini C-arm.  Weighing only 16 lbs. and battery operated, the Smart-C allows you to bring radiology directly to the patient.

The flexibility to perform in surgery, clinics or in the field…the Smart-C has it all.

  • Battery operated, lightweight, completely cordless system
  • Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
  • Easy to transport from room to room
  • For Adult and Pediatric Use
  • Conserves space with a compact footprint
  • Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
  • Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
  • Ability to detach from the articulating arm for independent, tabletop use

Video Learn More About the Smart-C

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