VetCAT IQ™ Mobile CT for Veterinary Clinics

Make the transition from 2D to 3D with the VetCAT IQ™ from Xoran. Designed for clinicians who want fast access to highly detailed views of their patient’s anatomy, VetCAT IQ™ is invaluable for emergency medicine, trauma, dentistry, dermatology, and oncology. VetCAT IQ™ is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to learn and use.

Xoran Vetcat Iq Product
VetCAT IQ™ is a compact, mobile CT scanner designed for use in Veterinary Clinics of all sizes.

VetCAT IQ™ rolls easily into position at your patient’s table. With the push of a button, you get a high-quality CT scan of your patient in less than a minute. VetCAT™ was specifically designed for bone imaging capability—meaning it is ideally suited for dental and dermatology imaging.

Clinicians who are wanting to see brain, eye, and other tissue anatomy of the head and small animal turn to the VetCAT IQ™.


At the diagnosis stage, VetCAT™ enables you to determine the extent of your patient’s disease or injury during an exam and begin treatment right away.


At the planning stage, VetCAT™ helps you determine your optimal approach, define your surgical margins, and avoid critical structures.


During and after procedures, VetCAT™ provides you with updated images so you can assess the accuracy and completeness of your intervention.

Discover the VetCAT™ IQ

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