The XORAN vTRON™ is the imaging solution for your veterinary clinic. The vTRON™ is built on innovation and designed for full-body companion animal 3D imaging. Roll, scan and diagnose with the vTRON™.

Vtron Product Image

The vTRON™ is designed for the general veterinary practice.It is all of the imaging you need, right at your fingertips.

Single Anesthesia

Scan and treat in one position

See More Anatomy

Full body captured

Scan Anywhere

Rolls right to the patient table


Increased Surgical Volume

Faster diagnosis, and increased ability to show, explain, and get authorization for treatment plans

More Complete Surgeries and Better Outcomes

The ability to acquire high-quality 3D images in under 2 minutes while the patient is under anesthesia

Easier Approvals

Show pet owners exactly what is going on with their pet, so that you can get right to the treatment

The vTRON™ is a revenue producer for your veterinary practice. It eliminates the need to outsource CT and no dedicated room is needed. Simply roll the vTRON™ right to the patient table and scan.