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Ultrasound Probe Repair

Before you spend money replacing your probe, take the time to get a second opinion. Let our expert ultrasound probe repair team evaluate and assess your equipment. A simple repair may be all that is needed to avoid replacement.

USC evaluates issues that reduce transducer accuracy and identifies probes that can be repaired rather than replaced. Our team will repair your probe back to high quality imaging. Our probe repair experts work hard to ensure a quick turnaround time with each repair. USC also offers loaner probes to reduce your downtime. Your practice can continue running while we fix your equipment. Our transducer repair program covers a broad range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like GE, Siemens, Philips and more.

USC Can Help Common Ultrasound Probe Repairs

Strain Relief

This is the area where the cable meets the ultrasound probe. This may seem insignificant at first, however, over time more damage can occur, leaving the equipment more open to failure and image inaccuracy. This is an example of how your equipment can quickly be repaired here at USC rather than spending the money on a costly replacement.

Repair Lens Damage

Lens damage is a common and more serious probe issue. Not only does lens damage severely effect image quality, it also allows ultrasound gel and other fluids to enter the probe. The build-up of fluids can lead to you having to replace the probe, as typical repair processes will no longer be an option. An early evaluation by USC can help prevent the need for complete probe replacement.

If you are experiencing an issue with your ultrasound probes, don’t hesitate, give us a call at (800) 773-4582 or send us a picture with a short description to for more information about our transducer repair service.

Looking to Sell or Trade-in Your Ultrasound System?

We may be interested in purchasing your used system.
Call Now: 1-800-773-4582


Our expert ultrasound probe repair technicians will evaluate and assess your ultrasound probe to determine if it can be repaired before purchasing a replacement probe.
USC offers an affordable flat rate fee for most probe repair cases. Please reach out to our service team to set up an evaluation or speak to a customer service rep.
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