Ultrasound Transducer Care and Handling Tips

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ultrasound transducer care

Extend the life of your ultrasound probe with these simple tips.

Let’s face it, having to replace an ultrasound transducer can be extremely costly. Especially if you are buying them directly from a manufacturer.  The good news is, by following the proper handling protocol and using the right probe disinfectant, you can extend the life of your ultrasound probes.  We put together some simple tips to keep in mind and help ensure your probes are being handled with care.

Ultrasound Transducer Care Tips

  • Accidental Dropping:  Everyone is busy and things move fast!  In our 20 plus years of being in the ultrasound service industry, we have found that the majority of ultrasound probe repair and replacements are due to transducers being accidentally dropped.  Costs associated with probe repairs and replacements can quickly add up!  Careless handling can result in damaged lenses, crystal damage, cracked housings and cable connector damage.
  • Cable Damage: Cable damage occurs from the probe cable and wires being yanked, pulled or “run over” with the system. Be mindful when moving/transporting the ultrasound system. Be attentive to the probe cables location and make sure they are not getting caught, torn or ripped. Avoid excessive twisting or pulling of transducer cables. When transporting transducers, try to maintain control of cables and system connectors. Use protective covers if possible. USC Tip – Oven mitts make an easy and affordable probe cover. 
  • Cleaning: Do not allow prolonged exposure to excessive moisture or immersion of transducers in any liquid above the recommended level as stated in the user manual. Do not soak transducers in any liquid for longer than the recommended period according to the chemical manufacturer instructions for use. Always refer to the manufacturers user manual or guide for cleaning and disinfecting probes. DO NOT use abrasive paper products when cleaning or wiping probes.
  • Storage: Always store transducers in the holders located on the side of your system (for console systems). Hang probe cables appropriately on the system cable drapes. Probes can be stored on a securely mounted wall rack. Make sure your transducer holders are clean before storing.

If you should have any questions regarding your ultrasound probe or are in need of an evaluation, feel free to reach out to our service team at 1-800-773-4582.  You can also send us a photo of your probe to service@uscultrasound.com.