Alpinion X-CUBE 90 with Elite

Enhance diagnostic accuracy with the Alpinion X-Cube 90 with Elite, renowned for its unparalleled efficiency and diagnostic insights. Leveraging Alpinion’s advanced image processing technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions, the X-Cube 90 facilitates precise diagnoses and enables swift decision-making for healthcare providers.

Xcube 90 ultrasound

Alpinion X-CUBE 90 Features

Powered by X+Architecture, a premium imaging platform created by combining X+ Crystal Signature™ and X+FIT, a beamforming technology which improves resolution, frame rate, and uniformity. 

  • Efficient workflow
  • X+ Assistant
  • X+Auto Biometry
  • X+Compare
  • General Imaging
  • Women’s Health
  • MSK
  • Cardiovascular

Transducer Technology

The key to transducer technology is its process of generating a high sensitivity, wideband acoustic signal and receiving it without any loss, and then converting it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology of transducers and X+ Crystal Signature is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies they have accumulated.


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