Bindex® – Pulse Echo Ultrasound for Osteoporosis Diagnosis

Bindex® is the world’s first pocket-sized, research-proven tool for osteoporosis screening and diagnostics. It measures cortical bone thickness to determine bone density in patients. Bindex® is a radiation free, cost efficient, osteoporosis screening device.

Diagnostics Portable Osteoporosis Screening Device

About 75% of osteoporotic patients are undiagnosed due to the fact that diagnostics are performed only at the secondary care level. Bindex® was created to cover this early diagnosis gap. Bindex® as been validated according to international guidelines, and its measurements are thus comparable to standard diagnostic procedures (axial DXA, X-ray device).

Bindex ® offers accurate results, which are comparable to DXA, and has a 90% accuracy rate in detecting osteoporosis or detecting an increased risk for the disease. Bindex ® can replace nearly 70% of DXA scans.

Features Reliable, Fast and Easy to Use In Any Environment

The Bindex® probe is a USB device that simply plugs into a laptop or Windows device with a USB port. It allows for the osteoporosis examination to be brought right to the patient.

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