BPU60 Vet – Portable Color Doppler Veterinary Ultrasound

The innovative BPU60 Vet is equipped with superior image quality, comprehensive functions, and complete mobility, which makes it perfect for scanning all different animals, including equine bovine, ovine, swine, feline and canine.

BPU60 Vet Features

  • 15-inch high-resolution, wide-angle color LED with 45 degree tilt functionality
  • Backlight and waterproof control panel
  • Two active transducer ports
  • Advanced imaging technology for fast and precise scans
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Built-in, long lasting battery (great for outdoor scanning)
  • Efficient workflow
  • iBscan™ Quick Image Optimization
  • iBstation™ Patient information management system
  • Large storage capacity
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Image clipboard for an easy thumbnail view

Comprehensive Clinical Applications Solutions

  • Automatic trace on PW frequency map
  • Real time dual-display 2D images and color flow images
  • Measurement packages of all parts – meets the clinical needs of different applications
  • Double transducer port is designed to support different clinical applications
  • Large capacity removable built-in battery supports long outdoor operation

Available Transducers and Accessories

Micro-Convex: Abdominal probe for reproduction and MSK. For use on horses, dogs, cats
Linear: External probe used for examining tendons, MSK and orthopedics. For use on horses, dogs, cats
Convex: Abdominal probe used for reproduction, 30 cm depth. Can be used for horses, swine and small ruminants
OPU Probe: Ovum pick up probe. For use on cows and mares
Linear Rectal: Linear rectal probe that can be used on cows and horses
Trolley: Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.
Travel case: A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack.

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