SonoMaxx® 300 – Handheld Ultrasound for Veterinary Use

The SonoMaxx 300® is a powerful yet cost-effective handheld ultrasound for veterinary scanning.

SonoMaxx 300® Features

  • Superior Image Quality
  • 7 inch high resolution, anti-flare touchscreen
  • Built-in battery with a 4+ hour battery life
  • 512 frame cine loop
  • USB and TV-Out ports
  • Scanning depth up to 300 mm
  • Multi-Beam imaging
  • Saves over 1000 images
  • Image chipboard for thumbnail viewing and USB 2.0 to transmit images and cine loops to your computer
  • Supported image export via USB/SD
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight design

Available Transducers and Accessories

  • Convex Array Transducer
  • Linear Array Transducer
  • Endocavity Array Transducer

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