EVA System® – Mobile, Digital Colposcopy Solution

Upgrade your cervical examination experience for both you and your patients. Do away with your large, bulky, analog colposcope – introducing the EVA COLPO from Mobile ODT. The EVA COLPO is a light and completely portable, digital solution for magnified cervical visualization, documentation and teleconsultation.

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EVA System® Workflow

The EVA System® simplifies your clinical workflow by streamlining how you conduct, record, and review patient cases and gynecological exams.


Achieve high-quality images and video with EVA’s 16x optical magnification and auto-focus capabilities.


Mark biopsy locations highlight, and add relevant notes for documentation, referral or case-sharing.


Securely share patient cases with colleagues or relevant organizations for assessment.


Empower patients, trainees and peers with collaborative image review and remote training.


System administrators can track patient cases and user activities, ensuring clear follow-ups and re-training pathways.

App and Portal

The EVA System combines high-quality optics, image and video capture with secure, HIPAA-compliant online data management, allowing you to document cases, add annotations and filters directly to images, and export the information into your EMR, simplifying the medical workflow.

EVA System® Technical Specifications

The EVA System ® is a light, compact, & portable colposcope that is easy to use & learn. Simply connect to WiFi and capture high-quality images and videos with EVA’s 16x optical magnification and auto-focus capabilities. See a complete listing of technical specifications for the EVA System® in the brochure below.

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