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T-Lite Tablet Ultrasound System

The T-Lite is an ultra-portable tablet ultrasound system from Sonoscanner. The T-Lite features HD image quality comparable with the full-scale ultrasound systems. The T-Lite is an advanced diagnostic tool specially designed to adapt to all types of environments.

Complete Mobility

On the Go:

The T-Lite tablet ultrasound is lightweight with 3 hours of battery life making it ideal for off-site office visits, emergency response units and more. Its integrated support allows you to hold the ultrasound machine with one hand or put it down to have both hands free to scan. The T-Lite features a dedicated case that protects both the tablet and the probes.


Whether in the office or at a home visit, a simple connection to Wi-Fi allows a complete examination, enabling you to produce a report and to record the patient’s data thanks to the dedicated and secure Cloud, Sonoreplay.


The trolley designed specifically for the T-Lite tablet ultrasound allows functional and ergonomic use of the ultrasound system in any office or hospital. It is rare for doctors and nursing staff to be in one place, the cart is super maneuverable so that it can be moved easily and quickly. The T-Lite has an HDMI socket and a USB socket on the tablet that allows a duplicated display on an HD screen and the connection to a thermal printer.

Diagnostic Power

The technical interface of the Ultra-Portable T-Lite ultrasound system is completely intuitive and displays crisp images at first glance thanks to its 10″ high-definition multi-touch screen.
In all modes, the settings are already optimized for you by the leading French ultrasound specialists. The T-Lite does not compromise on quality and performance.
To cover the broadest spectrum of diagnostics, the T-Lite tablet ultrasound system offers all the useful features:

  • Pulsed Doppler, Color, Energy, Directional energy, Tissue.
  • B, TM, Duplex modes
  • Imaging Harmonic Tissue, Keystone, Composite.

Innovative Design

The T-Lite features a patented probe connector system. Sonoscanner ultra-portable ultrasound scanners are the only ultrasound devices to offer all electronic probes. They can be transported and connected easily and the ultrasound system adapts in an instant to the patient’s medical needs.

In less than 10 seconds, the T-Lite is ready, allowing you to confirm a diagnosis quickly and accurately. Thanks to its exclusive architecture of 1200 interconnected cores on four levels, the T-Lite offers exceptional responsiveness, thus becoming the extension of your clinical examination: Start-up in 10 seconds, Capacitive multitouch panel, Adaptive rotating interface.


The T-Lite integrates a specific application with a clear, precise and standardized examination protocol for each specialty. The 11 interchangeable probes make it possible to dispense all the necessary examinations:

  • General ultrasound
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Obstetrics
  • Biopsy
  • Urology

Reporting and Patient Management
Visualize, Store, Evaluate, Communicate

  • Direct Print – Print live images onto medical thermal paper
  • Local Archiving – Store up to 10,000 images with built-in memory
  • Secure Archiving – Transfer your images to the secure SonoReplay Cloud from the worklist site for full reporting from any platform
  • USB Export – Export images to a USB stick in DICOM format for image transmission and patient confidentiality

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