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Discover USC’s range of branded equipment tailored to meet your diagnostic imaging needs. Directly purchase from USC and benefit from our affordable line of equipment designed to enhance your practice’s capabilities.

WTIO Wireless Ultrasound Probe

WTIO-1 Wireless Ultrasound Probe

128- element, color doppler with cutting edge technology allows for a 3-in1 solution providing convex, linear, and cardiac imaging – no need for additional probes.  FDA approved and no subscription fees. 

The WTIO-1 wireless ultrasound probe connects to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

CBS-1 Bladder Scanner with Cart

CBS-1 Bladder Scanner with Cart

The new CBS-1 is a portable Cart Bladder Scanner from USC. Lightweight and easy to use – get faster, more accurate results with the CBS-1 Bladder Scanner.

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