Automated Luminal Reduction Measurement for Vascular Ultrasound

Visualize:Vascular™ distinguishes more detailed anatomical information than Doppler, color flow or greyscale vascular ultrasound combined. Improve your diagnostic capability with Visualize:Vascular™.


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A New Tool For Vascular Ultrasound

The vascular duplex ultrasound exam is the first line screening examination to determine patient risk for stroke or vascular disease. The point of performing the vascular exam is to identify the presence of obstructions and classify the level of severity. Duplex results can be hampered by confusing imagery often caused by shadowing, turbulent flow, or other imaging concerns. Doppler measurements can also be impacted by turbulent flow. Sometimes traditional vascular ultrasound exam results are just not that clear.

Visualize:Vascular™ is not affected by these concerns because its algorithm processes the raw greyscale image gathered as slices through the vessel, similar to MRA or CTA. It visualizes the active luminal pathway in 3D and measures true luminal diameter to automatically calculate luminal reduction giving a better understanding of the actual flow and the severity of obstructions so that the lesion can be appropriately classified.

A New Revenue Stream for Vascular Ultrasound

Visualize:Vascular™ is a completely different standalone procedure separate from the vascular ultrasound exam and is recognized with a distinct CPT code.

  • Visualizes the active lumen within a vessel.
  • Makes accurate luminal reduction measurements on ultrasound imaging possible.
  • For use on carotid, abdominal, extremity arteries and veins.
  • Increases diagnostic detail and accuracy.
  • Provides a new revenue stream.


See How Visualize:Vascular™ Works

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Vascular Case Studies

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