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With more than 20 years of experience in this profession, we know ultrasound system technology inside and out which means we can save you a great deal of time in selecting your next system.

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A New York practice or hospital deserves to be serviced by a New York-based service provider. Our exclusive Depot Service can handle just about any urgent repair job needed on most manufacturer's portable ultrasound units. After you drop off the unit, we'll trouble shoot your system to identify the problem, let you know what needs to be done and what it may cost.

Solutions Based on What You Need or Want

We've been in the business long enough to know how to build service programs for just about any imaging group, medical practice or hospital. Our field techs are not motivated by commission which means the recommendations you hear from them are driven by what promotes better system utilization and not financial gain.

Whether you're buying a replacement system or you need repair or preventive service on your machine, you're guaranteed to spend less than you would by dealing with an original equipment manufacturer.

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