Preventive Maintenance – Keeping Your Ultrasound Machine Running at Peak Performance

USC’s Preventive Maintenance protocol standard contains a thorough 26 point check list that pinpoints over all system health, probe conditions, electrical safety and passes Accreditation & Joint Commission guidelines. Since USC has OEM partners, many of our check points come directly from them. This gives the end user the comfort in knowing that USC is following procedures from partners who have to report to a higher jurisdiction.

Preventative Maintenance for Ultrasound Machines

If your medical office has an ultrasound machine, you know it was a significant investment for the practice. As with all major purchases, ongoing preventative maintenance is critical to extending the life of your equipment. What should your preventative maintenance routine include?

Start-of-Day Check

At the beginning of every day, the staff should check the machine for basic functionality problems. Does the device turn on as expected, with no warning lights or alerts? Check all cords and wires to see if there is any wire exposure or fraying; cords in this condition need to be replaced immediately.

Transducer Check

The transducer is perhaps the most impactful element of an ultrasound machine and deserves careful examination very regularly. Look all over the transducer for cracks or wear points, and check the transducer cables for any wear or tear. At the start and end of the day, as well as after every use, ensure that proper cleaning and sterilization techniques are followed by all staff.

End-of-Shift Check

After each day of use, the machine should again be checked for basic functionality and as a backup to ensure that employees have followed cleanliness protocols.

System Backup

By regularly conducting a complete system backup, you can reduce your recovery time in the event of a system failure. Resetting preferences, options, and presets can take days without a backup.

Scheduled Maintenance

When a customer initiates service from USC, the turn key systems from the dispatch team are initiated. Immediate communication and response is critical to the customer-centric service provided. Many times same day service is delivered and problems are resolved on the very first visit. This saves money on unnecessary trips from incorrect repairs.

While regular maintenance is essential, be sure to schedule regular formal maintenance by professionals. The experts at Ultrasound Solutions Corp. can help ensure your ultrasound machines get and stay in top shape; give them a call today!