Handheld Ultrasound and Tablet Based Ultrasound

Ultrasound Solutions Corp. is a US distributor of Sonoscanner ultrasound systems. New ultrasound systems from Sonoscanner feature exceptional performance with ultra-portability. Discover the multi-configuration possibilities with the T-Lite and the U-Lite portable ultrasound systems.

Sonoscanner Features

HD Image Quality

Sonoscanner ultrasound systems are recognized for their full HD 1080 dpi image quality, this exceptional readability allows reliable and complete diagnostics.


Compact, Sonoscanner ultrasound systems are very easy to transport and ready to use in less than 15 seconds.


Designed and developed by recognized doctors in their fields (emergency physicians, specialists, general practitioners), Sonoscanner ultrasound systems are very easy to use and adapt to your daily practice.

Sonoscanner Systems We Offer

T-Lite Tablet Ultrasound System

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U-Lite Handheld Ultrasound System

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