Need to Replace or Upgrade Your Ultrasound Equipment?

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If the cost of a new ultrasound system has been a barrier for your practice, then now is the time for you to get in touch with Ultrasound Solutions Corp (USC) for a look at options that will fit your budget and most certainly your imaging expectations. If you’re ready to upgrade your ultrasound system to a newer, higher resolution platform, let USC assist you with your purchase. All sales inquiries are reviewed by an experienced team of industry experts in order to help you select the system that best suits your practice and your budget.

USC is an authorized service provider for Supersonic Imagine, Esaote North America and Mindray ZONARE.

Esaote North America: The full line of ultrasound systems from Esaote North America are designed to meet the demands of real-world scanning environments. Whether for private practice, mobile services, hospitals or clinics, their multi-specialty systems offer outstanding image quality and advanced diagnostic capabilities for more confident diagnoses.

Supersonic Imagine: Conventional ultrasound can be insufficient when it comes to, among other limitations, noise content, resolution, optimization and acquisition rates, leaving you with inconclusive information to make your diagnosis. The Aixplorer® is a premium ultrasound system leveraging the unique UltraFast™ technology that is the foundation of several innovations which have changed the paradigm of ultrasound imaging: ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™), UltraFast™ Doppler, Angio PL.U.S – Planewave UltraSensitive™ Imaging, TriVu, and now Needle PL.U.S.

Mindray ZONARE: ZONARE has been solely dedicated to mindray ultrasound excellence through its next generation, software-based ZONE Sonography Technology (ZST). This innovative technology provides the platform for the company’s Living Technology – a constantly evolving architecture to meet the changing imaging needs of the clinician. ZONARE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mindray, a leading global provider of medical devices and solutions.

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