Ultrasound Solutions Corp. Introduces Mercury Brand Product Line

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Ronkonkoma, New York – November 21, 2022 – As we look to celebrate our 20th year in business, Ultrasound Solutions is proud to pay homage to our Founder and CEO, Nat Romeo by announcing the release of our first ever Portable Ultrasound machine for sale to our customers. In doing this it was important for us to start by considering the name Romeo. The surname Romeo was first found in Italy, where bearers of Romeo inhabited almost every part of Italy, but the name is more common closer to Rome, though rare in Rome itself. This is related to the meaning of the name, which means “man from Rome.” Obviously, this name would be redundant for someone living in Rome; rather, it was given as an identifying name for people who once lived in Rome and moved elsewhere. Nat Romeo is definitely Italian and definitely a “Man from Rome”.

Having considered Nat’s heritage and background we then set to develop a product and name that would be reflective of his humble beginnings and his cultural background. Mercury, Latin Mercurius, in Roman Mythology, is identified with shopkeepers and merchants, as well as transporters of goods. Mercury is sometimes represented as holding a purse, symbolic of his business functions.

In the city of Rome, the Temple of Mercury was built in a surprising location. It was dedicated in 495 BC within the Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus was the city’s first and largest entertainment venue. It routinely hosted chariot races and ludi, or public games. The Circus Maximus also served as a major commercial center within the city. Vendors and hawkers filled the area so during events the venue took on the tone of a large market.

Words Associated with Trade – These include merchant, merchandise, and market, all of which come from the same Latin word for Mercury.

The Metal Mercury – Also known as quicksilver, was named after Mercury because its liquid state allows it to move smoothly and quickly.

These attributes can be clearly assigned to our CEO, Nat Romeo. Mercury was recognized as one of the pillars of the Roman way of life – knowing this it became obvious to us that the best way to pay homage to Nat Romeo as our founder was to name a release of products under the Mercury name.

The Mercury I is a portable ultrasound system designed to meet the needs of point of care providers. Affordable for general ultrasound, OB/GYN and other imaging applications, the Mercury I is the solution of choice for private practices, clinics, and mobile healthcare providers.

We will continue to release other devices this year in celebration of our 20th year in business under the Mercury Series Line of products. Each of these have been developed in collaboration with OEM partners, which we have entered into collaborative agreements with USC, to allow for the “white” labeling of these products under the Ultrasound Solutions and Mercury brand. Our goal is provide these products to our customers which must include Affordability, Durability, and the Highest levels of Image Quality. We see this as an opportunity to provide great solutions to our healthcare delivery customers.

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