portable ultrasound machines

Portable Ultrasound Machines

So the time has finally come – the capital budget has been approved, you’re getting to replace that ultrasound machine which was probably made long before the days of AOL informing that – “You’ve Got Mail”. Or maybe your space has finally been approved, and you’ve been blessed with opening a practice of your own. Either way, you know your space is limited. With all the options at your disposal, the first two questions are clear: do we go with a portable ultrasound machine or console – and, where do we get it from? The answers may surprise you, and USC can help.

First, let’s address why a portable ultrasound machine is always a good fit:

  • A portable ultrasound machine, even one mounted on a mobile cart, will have a smaller footprint than console. Today’s medical professionals are constantly tasked with getting more results out of less time/material – and this includes your workspace.
  • Flexibility to move room to room provides an ease of use for all situations. More usage means more revenue.
  • Portable = less heat, less noise. So it’s great for the energy conscious among us, but less heat also means less wear & tear as well.
  • Less hardware, more software. Portable units contain up to 60% less hardware than consoles, and much of what drives the system is software. Because of this, they are less expensive when it comes to preventative, and corrective maintenance. No more putting off that peace of mind service contract!

Benefits of having Portable Ultrasound Machines

And speaking of expense, let’s address what has become a common misconception in the Industry. The belief is that obtaining the above benefits, brings with it a direct and negative impact on the image quality. For years, portable ultrasound units just didn’t have the power of full sized consoles, disqualifying portable as an option for those who need that near perfect image. Thanks to our latest OEM partnership with Alpinion Medical, this is no longer the case.

About USC Corp.

With USC’s near 20 years of experience in diagnostic ultrasound service and sales- it is our professional opinion that Alpinion’s line of portable ultrasound systems has raised the bar, becoming the exception to the rule for dynamic image quality in portable ultrasound.

Alpinion E-Cube – Portable Ultrasound Unit

The Alpinion E-Cube i7 laptop style, portable ultrasound unit is as rugged as it is robust, using titanium material in place of the common plastics used by other manufacturers. It boasts the largest monitor of any portable unit in the industry, and encompasses a full line of lightweight – high density transducers for all imaging applications.

The Alpinion Minisono, is the full diagnostic answer to the handheld ultrasound bedside units that have recently entered the market. Armed with just a tablet and transducer, point of care ultrasound has never been made easier with outstanding image quality AND the diagnostic tools to run a full report.

USC’s partnership with Alpinon Medical

USC’s partnership with Alpinon Medical means you can rest assured that obtaining a new portable ultrasound machine comes with all of the benefits, and none of the drawbacks. Contact us today at to set up your free demonstration!