PT50C Portable Touchscreen Color Doppler Ultrasound for Veterinary Use

The PT50C is a lightweight, portable veterinary ultrasound system that delivers high quality, precise imaging at an affordable price. The PT50C is perfect for Veterinary clinics, farms and mobile veterinary use.

PT50C Features

  • High resolution, 15” Touchscreen with 45 degree tilt functionality
  • Specialized veterinary transducers and software
  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality for fast and precise scanning
  • Scanning for Equine, Bovine, Ovine, Swine, Feline, Canine and more
  • Abdomen, OB, Cardiology, Small Parts, Vascular, MSK
  • Three transducer ports
  • Replaceable battery – long lasting
  • iBscan Quick Image Optimization
  • Annotation library
  • iBstation Patient Information Management System
  • USB image transfer and software upgrade
  • Image clipboard for thumbnail viewing
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Easy to upgrade software
  • Rectal probe introducer to ease shoulder and arm strain for Fetal Aging and Pregnancy Testing

Additional Features

Patient ID/Owner Name – fields for animal’s name, species and breed.
Measurements and Reports– complete veterinary measurement packages including abdominal, cardiovascular, and reproductive gestational calculations.
Wireless and DICOM Connectivity

Available Transducers and Accessories

Micro-Convex: Abdominal probe for reproduction and MSK. For use on horses, dogs, cats
Linear: External probe used for examining tendons, MSK and orthopedics. For use on horses, dogs, cats
Convex: Abdominal probe used for reproduction, 30 cm depth. Can be used for horses, swine and small ruminants
OPU Probe: Ovum pick up probe. For use on cows and mares
Linear Rectal: Linear rectal probe that can be used on cows and horses
Swine Carcass: Probe used for back fat, loin eye, IMF and muscle depth in swine
Beef Carcass: Probe used for back fat, loin eye, IMF and muscle depth on beef cattle
Standoff Swine & Bovine: For enhancing scanning with Carcass transducer right beneath the body surface
Trolley: Completely adjustable, with large wheels, for smooth and safe transportation.
Travel case: A dedicated customized travel case either for roll along or as a rucksack

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